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IMG_3026My name is Melanie and Mi Vida Primal is about My Journey!!  Mi Vida Primal or My Primal Life is mainly about my desire to live life to the absolute fullest, eat delicious primal foods, travel and experience the world in all of it’s delightful beauty, step outside my comfort zone to create the authentic life that I crave, figure out “my passion” in regards to life and work, and be the best partner to my beautiful girlfriend Amber and mother to our three amazing (and crazy) dogs that I am capable of being!!

I love the word Primal  because to me it embodies the quest to live an authentic life!  I want to be the best Melanie that I can be and writing this blog is a step towards understanding myself and my thoughts so that I can create the life that I want and be the person that I want to be.  I started this blog last January (2013) and now one year later, I feel that it is time to refocus and set some goals for what I want this blog to be.

I have to say up front that this will not be your typical Paleo Blog.  I will say that I feel that there is so much that is positive about the paleo diet and lifestyle but it is not in my nature to cling to one absolute truth and there is so much wisdom out there about how to eat for absolute wellness and paleo is one step along that journey.  That being said, most of the foods that Amber and I eat would be considered paleo but I do not feel the need to tie myself down to one particular definition of what my diet will be.  I like the term Primal because for me it conjures up the idea of being true to your most authentic self!!  I want to eat foods that make my body feel good and the older I get the more I realize that figuring out what those foods are for me is just all part of my journey!!

My main goal is to eat for absolute wellness and to eat as much whole, organic, non-processed food as possible!  But we only live this once and I also want to enjoy delicious Italian Food, lots of yummy Mexican food and tacos on homemade corn tortillas with chips and salsa, and I will be honest . . . I want to drink the occasional IPA (just because I have realized that I truly love beer and i don’t want to cut it out of my life entirely)!!  We also can’t forget the occasional delicious sweet treat or yes I have to admit it bag of Funions!! On Santa Monica Beach

I am delighted that you have chosen to check me out and I look forward to hearing your thoughts and answering any questions that you may have about my story!!  My blog will be divided into several sections: Food, Mi Vida, Wanderlust, and Paleo/Primal.  My goal is to share my recipes, showcase other people’s food that I would love to eat or restaurants that I love, discuss my journey with fitness and health, and write about my love of travel and my desire to see the world and step outside the daily 9-5 to live a more full and authentic life!!

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The most basic essence of my journey can be summed up by the phrase Namaste Motherfuckers!  Check out that story, read my blog, share your story with me and whatever you do . . .

Be True To Yourself, Live Passionately, Make Conscious and Aware Choices, and in every moment Don’t Forget To Be Awesome!!!

Me & My Beautiful Girlfriend (soon to be wife) Amber

Amber and I Scrips Pier

Chance (passed away in December of 2014)


Starbuck & Fuerte


Starbuck, Fuerte and our newest pack member Kenga!


My Favorite (now removed) Graffiti in Austin, Texas


Me (after the Color Me Rad Race)


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